• I met with Dr. Deal on June 20th for a lower back pain assessment. Followed it up a week later after he was able to review an MRI which indicated spinal stenosis in the L2-L4 area. I had been in pain for several months and had an epidural injection that gave me minor relief of my symptoms. We were able to schedule surgery within a couple weeks of the diagnosis which was performed on an outpatient basis at Minnesota Valley Surgery Center in Burnsville. Dr. Deal's Care Coordinator, Alyssa, was very helpful in answering my questions or getting the answers from Dr. Deal. I had relatively little pain and within 4 days was off heavy pain meds. Had a 2-week follow up appointment with Dr. Deal and I was able to walk and/or bicycle as much as I wanted. I am out 3 months from surgery and could not be more impressed with how this all turned out. I only wish I had gone in earlier to see Dr. Deal. I have and would highly recommend him.

    By - L B
    26-Oct-2018 04:25 PM
  • Dr. Deal did surgery on my back twice for herniated discs and he is the best. I was in so much pain for a pinched nerve that my leg wouldn’t even work right and for the second time I am pain free. I am thankful I found Dr. Deal because he did a great job getting me fixed from the worst time of my life. I would highly recommend.

    By - J B
    09-Sept-2018 04:25 PM
  • Dr. Deal is my hero. I suffered from a herniated L4/L5 disc which resulted in extreme lower back and left sciatic pain for nearly a year before working my way through the proper insurance channels to receive a discectomy. It was a very long road I traveled in seeing multiple doctors, x-rays, an MRI, ten weeks of physical therapy, an epidural injection, and pain medication. After meeting with Dr. Deal he said that a discectomy was the best course of action, and the procedure was scheduled. The folks at Twin Cities Orthopedics (where the surgery was performed) couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. And the results of the surgery couldn't have been better. I'm typing this three weeks following the surgery and I currently have ZERO pain, which is a huge difference considering a few weeks ago I couldn't walk more than a few blocks nor could I stand still for more than a few seconds. In all sincerity the surgery by Dr. Deal was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I am very grateful for his services and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Deal!

    By - R D
    09-Sept-2018 04:25 PM
  • I had the best experience with my back surgery with Dr. Deal. After 2 prior back surgeries this one was the best success! I have never felt better. Dr. Deal i s the best Doctor I have ever had. Thank you so very much!

    By - T W
    09-Aug-2018 04:25 PM
  • I had surgery for a synovial cyst on my spine in January 2017. I was quite miserable prior to the surgery, and the pain was gone after the surgery. Dr. Deal explained the proposed surgery in detail. I completed the physical therapy sessions after surgery. I was able to garden this summer and am able to do my household tasks. I am very happy with the results and thought Dr. Deal was very considerate.

    By - J G
    06-Dec-2017 12:00 AM
  • Dr. Deal performed surgery on me this past August. It was a complete success due to his professional surgical skills. I was experiencing a lot of nerve and disc pain prior to surgery. After surgery all was gone. I feel terrific. During and after the procedure Dr. Deal and his staff kept my wife informed of every phase of the operation treated us like VIP’s. My sincere thanks goes to Dr. Deal for improving my life in a big way.

    By - R O
    03-Oct-2017 12:00 AM
  • In the spring of 2016 I was having a lot of neck pain and headaches. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so kind of shrugged it off and decided I would just live with it. Later in the summer my left arm and fingers started hurting and going numb so thought I better get checked out. I saw my family Doctor and she referred me to Dr. Deal. After doing some tests, he showed me a picture of my neck and explained that I had a disc that was pushed out and recommended surgery. I agreed and had surgery shortly there after. When I woke up I had no pain or numbness in my arm or fingers. Doctor Deal is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone. I just had my 1 year checkup and everything looks great and I feel great. Thank you Dr. Deal.

    By - C B
    20-Sep-2017 12:00 AM
  • I was recommended to Twin Cities Orthopedics, Dr. Deal from a friend! I went in to see him and he looked at my MRI and explained what was going on! I had severe stenosis Between 3 and 5 lumbar, and also bone spurs! The surgery was done on the 28th of June and i’m into my 7th week and each day I feel so much better!! I recommend Dr. Deal to anyone that has leg pain and lower back pain! He’s the greatest!! Thanks again Dr. Deal.

    By - V F
    21-Aug-2017 12:00 AM
  • For many years I suffered with lower back pain. After many sessions with my chiropractor she recommended I get a MRI done to determine what was going on with my back. Of course I waited so long that the pain was shooting down my left leg. The MRI showed I had a bulging disc. Dr. Deal was recommended from a good friend of mine. Dr. Deal is caring, knowledgeable and talks in terms anyone can understand. I’m very thankful for the work Dr. Deal did on my back, I’m pain free.

    By - R S
    07-Jul-2017 12:00 AM
  • After 15 years of pain and numbness radiating down the back of both legs and into my feet Dr. Deal performed a spinal fusion on my back L4, L5. I woke up after surgery with very little pain. Every day was better than the day before. My only regret was waiting so many years to have my surgery. I also have anxiety and panic issues. Dr. Deal and his nurse gave me the calm and courage to proceed. At age 69 I, for the first time in many years, feel positive about my future. I can now stand to cook and bake for my family, pain free. Thank you kindly, Dr. Deal. What a wonderful gift you have.

    By - G A
    04-Dec-2016 12:00 AM
  • Dr. Deal performed surgery on my neck (discectomy and fusion C5 and/or C6) in December 2015. I have degenerative disc disease, had a herniated disc, suddenly last year I was in total pain. My symptoms were getting worse (right arm was going numb, severe neck pain, headaches). They were making it hard to do any type of exercise or sports, even work was a struggle. My family is very athletic and outdoors. I was slowly missing out because of the pain. I cannot tolerate pain medication so that was not even an option. I couldn’t ride my bike more than a few minutes without my arm going numb. I couldn’t keep up with my children. However, Dr. Deal changed all that. I just had my 6 month appt a few days ago and my x-rays look good. I was given the OK to start jogging again, along with anything else I want to do.

    I have been pain free and have not had any numbness in my arm since the surgery. Yesterday I started jogging again. I did a slow, short jog with a friend. Afterward, he said, “Did you realize this is your first time out since last summer and you could go farther than you did last year?”. I realized YES! Truth! This is after no exercising for the last 6 months! A few stretches here and there, slow walking (no power walks). I am simply amazed by Dr. Deal’s work. He knew exactly what needed to be done to get me back to my previous state. I can bike with the kids and not have to stop due to numbness in my arm or pain. Our family is so grateful. Anyone living with chronic pain knows that it is a struggle to just get out of bed some days. When pain is inside the body but not noticeable to the outside world, life can be a struggle. People (even those closest to you) do not and cannot possible understand. I am happy to say I do not have chronic pain anymore! I am still amazed at how I feel only 6 months after the surgery. My scar is hardly noticeable. I have more energy. Overall, I feel like a new person. Thank you Dr. Deal!!

    By - M P
    13-Jun-2016 12:00 AM
  • On April 28 I was operated on for a herniated disk by Dr. Deal. I was in severe pain and any movement would bring tears to my eyes and was making life unbearable. Thanks to Dr. Deal after a few hours under his care I was able to walk and started on the road back to a normal life. I would highly recommend Dr. Deal if you want relief from back pain. Thanks again Dr. Deal.

    By - H S
    06-Aug-2016 12:00 AM
  • I had neck surgery by Eric Deal on April 21st 2016. I had a herniated disc between # 6 and 7 vertebra. The pain was unbearable. I was taking pain meds every 4.5 to 5 hours just to be able to deal with the pain. The day of surgery, my arm had such pain that I couldn’t stop moving it around just to try and find a comfortable spot, which I couldn’t find. After the surgery, the pain was gone! not most of it, ALL of it. I was amazed. I spent the night at the clinic to be watched by a nurse. They told me that I was the only one that night. The nurses came in special for me. The Twin Cities Orthopedics clinic fit me in their very busy schedule just because Eric saw the pain I was in, or that is the way I see it. Nurses came in special just to take care of me. I owe everything to Twin Cities Orthopedics, and their team of workers for the level of care they gave me, and I believe they must give every patient as well.

    I would send everyone with neck, back, shoulder, or hip pain to them. I am so grateful that the surgery went so well. Now I am on the mend to full recovery, and have no pain at all.

    Thank you Eric Deal and the complete staff at Twin cities Orthopedics for a job very well done!

    By - R J
    13-May-2016 12:00 AM
  • Dr. Deal is fantastic! I was referred to him after an MRI indicated a herniated disc in my C5/C6 area and non-surgical procedures failed to alleviate the pain that radiated down my right arm.

    During our first visit, he was patient enough to walk me through my options, his recommendation (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion), and the specifics of what all of that entailed…and he did it in a way that was easy to understand! It’s obvious that he is thoughtful in his practice and genuinely cares about his patients. Though he was patient enough to answer all of my questions during that visit, I think he realized I was anxious about the procedure and he personally returned a message with some additional questions I had left for his care coordinator. I thought that was pretty amazing and he has demonstrated that patience and commitment to my care in the post-op recovery visits as well.

    I underwent the ACDF surgery in March 2016 and had immediate pain relief. I’m so grateful for Dr. Deal’s care and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an orthopedic spine surgeon!

    By - A M
    05-Jun-2016 12:00 AM
  • In October of 2014, I was rear-ended by a person who was distracted by his phone. Immediately I had neck and shoulder pain from the trauma. After months of treatment at Twin Cities Ortho on my shoulder, the pain continued and I was losing feeling in my right arm more frequently. After an MRI, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in CS/C6 area of my cervial spine. I was referred to Dr. Deal for treatment. He spent a lot of time with me trying to avoid surgery (injections, physical therapy) but in the end surgery was needed. He worked within my schedule of upcoming international travel to get the surgery done and have me healed enough to travel.

    Dr. Deal did a fantastic job with my surgery. I had instant pain relief from the surgery and needed very little pain medication. His staff and the nurses at the MN Valley Surgical Center were incredible. Dr. Deal spends the necessary time with you at all appointments to answer questions and also make sure that you are healing appropriately.

    I would highly recommend him to anyone with Spine issues.

    By - K P
    20-Apr-2016 12:00 AM
  • In February 2015, I was suffering severe pain from my lower back down to my feet in both legs and was in need of relief. That’s when I was referred to Dr. Deal and will be forever grateful. He diagnosed my problem after x-rays and a CT scan (I cannot have MRIs), explained his diagnosis in detail along with a plan. I was scheduled for surgery within a week; my problem was between L4-L5; he scraped away the arthritis and took out two cysts and placed a rod between L4-L5. Within 48 hours after surgery, I no longer experienced any pain in my back or legs. I could not believe it; it was so much more than I ever expected. I would highly recommend Dr. Deal for anyone needing spinal surgery. He is competent, thorough and compassionate, everything you want in a surgeon.

    By - A G
    04-Jan-2016 12:00 AM
  • Dr. Deal is truly the real deal! I had serious back issues. Dr. Deal diagnosed my issues with an MRI and X-rays. He then told me I was a candidate for surgery. I had been trying chiropractic and cortisone shots without relief. Dr. Deal took more than enough time to explain pre and post operation info. Everything he talked about was right to the point. Recovery from the pain was instant from the moment I woke up after surgery. I would highly recommend Twin Cities Orthopedics, Dr. Deal, and his staff. Thank you for giving me my lifestyle back!!

    By - A W
    17-Mar-2016 12:00 AM
  • Just had my one year checkup with Dr. Deal following surgery on February 17, 2015 to remove a synovial cyst at L4, L5 which included a spinal fusion. I highly recommend Dr. Deal to anyone with back/spinal issues. My surgery went very well, my recovery has been complete and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to have Dr. Deal as my orthopedic surgeon. I found him to be caring, competent, professional and very skilled.

    By - A W
    02-Aug-2016 12:00 AM
  • Dr. Deal performed spinal fusion surgery on me in February, 2015. I couldn’t have been more pleased with Dr. Deal and the result of the surgery. I found Dr. Deal to be very professional, caring, and thorough. He took time to explain the need for the procedure and any recovery issues, and answered all of my questions. I am a retired Registered Nurse and immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Deal’s knowledge and handling of my case. The surgery went very well and my recovery has been going great. I would highly recommend Dr. Deal as an experienced and competent orthopedic surgeon.

    By - A W
    21-May-2015 12:00 AM
  • My name is Joy. I had suffered with very bad back and neck pain for years and the pain and complications were progressively getting worse. Dr. Deal was recommended to me and I have to say I have been extremely happy and satisfied with my results. I was very fearful of the surgery, but Dr. Deal is not only a fantastic surgeon, professional but also a truly caring and compassionate person. He answered all of my questions and treated me with respect and a kindness one does not as often these days find in the medical profession. I highly recommend Dr. Deal. I have had a successful outcome after my ACDF surgery with no complications and all of my pain has been eliminated and I have been recovering very nicely. Great care, great Doctor.

    By - J J
    07-Jun-2015 12:00 AM
  • I have just had surgery performed by Dr. Deal, and I have got to say he was very knowledgeable, friendly, was able to explain both in medical terms for me and in layman’s terms for my husband. I would highly recommend Dr. Deal to anyone.

    By - A N
    28-Aug-2014 12:00 AM
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